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Posted on: September 17, 2009 7:40 pm

Episode 1

The show started out with showing the fighters and bringing Kimbo out last.  Was I shocked to see Kimbo, no, not really and I don't think many of the other guys were too surprised either.  The tryouts went well and to my satisfaction Team Rashad chose me, and now it's time to get to work.  Did i think I would get picked first to fight??  The thought crossed my mind and I welcomed the scenario.

Fortunately, Rampage, overlooked my ability and chose me to fight first against Abe Wagner.  When chosen a feeling of relief and anxiety went thru me.  I was excited to get my first fight on the show out of the way and get into a grove training.  The matchup with Abe favored my takedowns and top control.  The fight itself could not have went better as planned.   First round I wanted to come out and make a statement with a hard takedown.  I thru a overhand left and shot a double taking Abe to the mat.  Landed quite a few punches and finally some great elbows which slashed Abe's head wide open.  There were a couple moments when I watched the blood pout out where I thought the ref (Mazzagatti) would have stopped the fight.  I never heard him say anything so I kept pounding away to end round one.     In the middle of the round my coaches wiped the blood off my body and told me to take deep breaths.  The second round went much like the first.  Mazzagatti stood us up two or three times and I kept taking hard shots and finishing them.  Abe hung in there and I couldn't land the punch or elbow needed to make the ref stop the fight or knock Abe out.  My first fight with the TUF 10 season went great and I felt good about getting a win under my belt for me and Team Rashad.

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